String join() Method

How to Use Java String Class join() Method

Function Description The Java String class join() method is used to concatenate the specified CharSequence arguments together using the specified delimiter. It is a static method and returns a concatenated string. If an argument is passed as a null element, it concatenates the “null” as a string. In String class join() method is defined as…

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String Class in Java

How to Use Java String Class in Java

A String is a sequence of characters like “Greeting”. Java does not have String as an in-built data type, while Java standard library does keep a predefined String class. String class comes under package java.lang. It is the final type of class that is why string is an immutable object which means it is constant…

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Java Data Types

Java Data Types and Variables

In java, To store the value in variables, we need data types. Data type is a kind of data that is used to store a specific type of value. Java is a strongly types language, meaning every variable must have its declaration type since variables are declared as per data types. Once a variable is…

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